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Office of the President

Chief of Staff: Alice Vernon


  1. Serving as chief advisor to ASUNM President
  2. Managing and overseeing the Executive Cabinet
  3. Attending administrative meetings in conjunction with the President, or in his absence
  4. Overseeing matters pertaining to the Office of the President
  5. Serving as a voting member of the Student Fee Review Board and as a student representative to other university boards



Director of Communication: Brendon Gray


  1. Running all social media for various events for Senate, the executive branch, and sometimes agencies
  2. Creating visual marketing campaigns
  3. Updating and renovating the ASUNM Websites
  4. Creating contacts with the media, Daily Lobo, etc. through the form of  press releases and other media contact
  5. Serving as an advisor to the president on external matters
  6. Working with the Outreach and Events Committee as a non-voting member


Deputy Chief of Staff: Giselle Weiss


  1. Assisting the President and Chief of Staff with both internal or external duties
  2. Managing university board and committee applications and write progress reports reports
  3. Attending administrative meetings in conjunction with the President and Chief of Staff, or in their absence
  4. Supporting ASUNM agency events and initiatives


Deputy Director of Communication: Kyle Gonzales


  1. Chief graphic designer
  2. Assisting President, agencies, and Senate with visual marketing campaigns
  3. Running social media campaigns and spearheading the ASUNM Snapchat
  4. Assists with all other public relations and marketing efforts



Attorney General: Emily Hartshorn


  1. Issuing advisory opinions concerning the law, legislation, or any other act of ASUNM when requested
  2. Providing a current copy of the Constitution and Law Book at the request of any individual or group
  3. Assisting the President in the execution of their duties
  4. Serving as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Senate and its Standing Committees
  5. Providing advice and counsel concerning all acts of ASUNM when requested to do so
  6. Providing counsel for the government in all suits against them
  7. Updating and distributing the Constitution for the purpose of engrossing any Constitutional Amendments as passed by ASUNM and approved by the UNM Board of Regents 
  8. Codifying of the Law Book in consultation with the President and the Vice President




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