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President Pro Tempore: Senator Becka Myers


My name is Becka Myers and I am a junior at UNM studying political science and French. I am involved in the world affairs delegation in addition to ASUNM. I love cooking, swimming, and traveling. 

Email: | Office Hours: M 9:55-10:55am, W 12:55-1:55pm

Finance Committee:

The Finance Committee shall be established to investigate budget requests and make recommendations on the budget of the ASUNM government. Legislation concerned with finances shall be referred to this committee.

Chair: Senator Satchel Ben


My name is Satchel Ben and I am a Sophomore at UNM studying Finance. Some of my extracurricular activities include being a member of Alpha Tau Omega and working at J. Crew. 

Email: | Office Hours: M 11:30-12:30am, T 10-11am

Vice Chair: Senator Jordan Montoya


My name is Jordan Montoya and I am a sophomore at UNM studying political science and chemistry. Some of my extra curricular activities include the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma and Photography. 

Email: | Office Hours: W 3-5pm

Senator Arlin Bustillos


My name is Arlin Bustillos and I am a second year at UNM studying pre-med with a History Major. I am involved in various programs including BA/MD, Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Wilderness Alliance, and Peer Learning Facilitator.

Email: | Office Hours: T 12-1pm, T 3:30-4:30pm

Senator Madeline Kee


My name is Madeline Kee and I am a Junior here at UNM studying Economics and English. Some of my extracurricular activities include president of the Law society of UNM, secretary of the Economics club, and Sigma Tau Delta English honor society. 

Email: | Office Hours: T 1-2pm, R 1-2pm

Senator Madelyn Lucas


My name is Madelyn Lucas, and I am a sophomore at UNM studying Biochemistry, Art Studio, and Political Science. I want to attend medical school after my four years here at UNM. I am a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Lobo Catholic, LoboTHON 2018, and ASUNM Community Experience. I write a blog with my roommate and I am passionate about photography.

Email: Office Hours: W 4-5pm, R 4-5pm

Senator Lucas Maestas


My name is Lucas Maestas, and I was born and raised in New Mexico. I am currently a sophomore student majoring in Political Science and minoring in Biology and HMHV. I plan on pursuing medicine here at UNM's School of Medicine. Whenever I get the time, I love to golf and spend time outdoors. On campus I am involved in BA/MD Org. and participate in different ASUNM agency activities.

Email: | Office Hours: T, 4:30-5:30pm, R 4:30-5:30pm

Senator Pachely Mendivil

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My name is Pachely Benjamin Mendivil-Aguayo Herrera Valenzuela, I am a Sophomore from Las Cruces studying Political Science and Biology, pursuing a career in Orthopedic surgery.

Email: | Office Hours: F 12:30-2:30pm

Outreach & Appointments Committee

The Outreach and Appointments Committee shall be established to work on outreach to student organizations and the student body by taking measures to enhance communication between ASUNM and the University of New Mexico Community in addition to evaluating all Presidential appointments and making recommendations to the Senate.

Chair: Senator Jack Hodge


My name is Jack Hodge, and I am a Senior at UNM double majoring in Economics and Political Science. Next year I will be attending law school. Outside of school, I love yoga, golf, skiing, and attending festivals and concerts.

Email: Office Hours: W 1:30-3:30pm

Vice Chair: Senator Emily Wilks


My name is Emily Wilks and I am a Junior at UNM pursuing a degree in Communications and Business. I'm not sure what my plans are for post graduation, but I hope to stay in New Mexico and broadcast what a beautiful state this is.

Email: | Office Hours: M 3:30-4:30, W 3:30-4:30

Senator Rocky Cordova


My name is Rocky Cordova and I am a Junior at UNM studying Political Science and Economics. I am planning a career in Law with a focus on education and immigration policy. Some of my extracurricular activities include Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, College Democrats, and Painting.

Email: Office Hours: W 4-6pm

Senator Nadine Oglesby


My name is Nadine Oglesby and I am a Junior at UNM working on a BLA in Health Policy and Personal Development. I plan to commission as a 2nd Lieutenant to the Army National Guard upon graduation. Some of my extracurricular endeavors are Greek life, Army ROTC, and local pageants. 

Email: | Office Hours: W 1-3pm

Senator Derrek Sena


Hello, I am Derrek Sena and I'm a current Sophomore at UNM, majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Media Studies and a minor in Marketing. Aside from ASUNM, other extracurricular activities include involvement in Alpha Tau Omega. 

Email: | Office Hours: R 10:15am-12:15pm

Senator Brandon Weis


My name is Brandon Weis I am a Junior at UNM studying speech and hearing sciences! I am involved in LoboTHON and Sigma Chi! 

Email: | Office Hours: T 11am-12pm, R 11am-12pm

Steering & Rules Committee:

The Steering and Rules Committee shall be established to investigate all legislation not allocating ASUNM Government funds.

Chair: Senator Emily Hartshorn


Emily is a history and political science double major, she loves Coffee, cats, and working. She would like to go to law school and help refugees coming into the US. She loves Senate because she gets to directly interacts with students through important legislation. 

Email: | Office Hours: W 9-10am, F 9-10am

Vice Chair: Senator Madeline Starkweather


My name is Maddie Starkweather, and I am a junior at UNM studying Biology. I am an aspiring physician, hoping to attend medical school after I graduate. I love to hike, bake, knit, and watch movies on the weekends. 

Email: Office Hours: M 10-11am, R 3-4pm

Senator Molly Callaghan


I am a Junior at UNM double majoring in Political Science and International Studies. I am originally from Florida, but I have fallen in love with the west and will either be attending law school or staying involved in politics on this side of the country. For the past couple of years I've spent my time interning for and staffing statewide and local politicians in New Mexico; helping to elect qualified, motivated leaders. I am very excited to finally be a representative of a community that I love, and I can't wait to get things done as a senator this year.

Email: | Office Hours: M 1:45-2:45pm, W 1:45-2:45pm

Senator Mohammad Assed


My name is Mohammad Assed and I am a sophomore here at UNM studying biology and business. Some of my extracurricular activities include spending time volunteering at clinics and playing basketball at Johnson gym. 

Email: | Office Hours: R 11am-12pm, F 11am-12pm

Senator Rose Cary


My name is Rose Cary and I'm a sophomore at UNM studying History and Criminology. Some of my extracurricular activities include being involved with Greek Life, being an RA in one of UNM's residence halls, and playing piano. 

Email:  | Office Hours: T 2pm-3pm, R 2-3pm

Senator Jorge Rios


My name is Jorge Rios and I am a sophomore at The University of New Mexico double majoring in Communications and Psychology, while minoring in Spanish. Some of my extracurricular activities include being President of Residence Hall Association, UNM Alumni Trailblazer and Student Ambassador, National Residence Hall Honorary, Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, and binge watching Netflix-original shows. 

Email: | Office Hours: T 11am-12pm, R 11am-12pm

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