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Welcome to LoboRESPECT

LoboRESPECT is the name of UNM’s comprehensive approach to preventing and responding to sexual misconduct in our campus community. This website includes information on our prevention education efforts and programs, services and support for victims of sexual misconduct, our policies and sanctions, and much more. All aspects of LoboRESPECT will elevate and strengthen our conversations and efforts to build and sustain a culture of respect in our campus community. Click the photo to access the LoboRESPECT website.

Thier purpose:

  • To reduce sexual misconduct in our campus community
  • To provide effective and comprehensive primary prevention programs
  • To effectively respond to sexual misconduct that happens in our campus community
  • To support victims of sexual misconduct so they continue to thrive in our educational environment
  • To create a campus environment that does not tolerate any form of sexual misconduct

Welcome to LoboGuardian

LoboGuardian Logo

Welcome to LoboGuardian, a mobile app that increases user safety by creating a virtual safety network of friends and family.

With this app you can:

  • Set a Safety Timer and Status -- Designate friends, family, and others as personal “Guardians” and establish Safety Timer Sessions with your Guardians. During the timer session Guardians can check your status and location. If the timer is not deactivated before it expires, your Guardians will be notified and your phone’s last location and status will be displayed.
  • Easy Emergency Communication -- Make a direct emergency call to the UNM Police Department in Albuquerque that automatically delivers your Smart911 profile to the police response team. You can also call 911.
  • Report a Tip -- Send a tip anonymously to the UNM Police Department in Albuquerque.  

Click the photo to access the LoboGaurdian website.