Joint Council

What is Joint Council?

Joint Council serves as an advisory board to ASUNM by offering opinions and feedback on major university initiatives, ASUNM Senate resolutions/bills, etc. It brings together student leaders from different areas of campus, including the Resource Centers, Residence Life & Student Housing, and Colleges. Joint Council convenes bi-weekly on the Monday before Full Senate at 4 PM.


Speaker of Joint Council: John Hawkins

1. Serves as the Chair of Joint Council.
2. Works with the ASUNM President, Vice President, and Senators to prepare agendas for meetings.
3. Presents the thoughts of the Joint Council at Full Senate.

Fall 2020 Representatives

Anderson School of ManagementSuzanne Jones
School of Architecture & PlanningTBA
College of Arts & SciencesRiley Barber
College of Education & Human SciencesDanilynn Romero
School of EngineeringEmily Ganley
College of Fine ArtsTBA
University CollegeTBA
Honors CollegeMatthew Goldman
Accessibility Resource CenterBrittany Huddleston
Air Force ROTCTrevor Wood
African American Student ServicesKaleb Bradley
American Indian Student ServicesCorvid Platero
Army ROTCJosh LaFayette
El Centro de la RazaPaloma Munoz-Neri
Global Education OfficeAndres Collazos-Galindo
LGBTQ Resource CenterTBA
Navy/Marine ROTCJohn Hawkins
Residence Life & Student HousingIan May
Student Health & CounselingChris Naranjo
Veteran & Military Resource CenterTBA
Women's Resource CenterMarsaya Namaste