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Being a Boards and Committees representative allows you to be the voice of students on committees that impact student life at UNM. These positions are appointed after the ASUNM Boards & Committees Application has been filled out and emailed to; students will be appointed to boards and committees on a rolling basis throughout the year. Click on each board and committee below to learn more and see if a position is still available! 

  • If you are selected as a Board or Committee representive, you would be expected to:
  • Attend all meetings of the Board or Committee
  • Collect agendas and handouts distributed at each meeting and submit to the ASUNM President
    Submit a report to the ASUNM President no more than 1 week following a meeting

Admissions and Registration Committee

The Admissions and Registration Committee makes recommendations to the Faculty Senate for the establishment of policies and regulations governing admissions, registration, the grading system, university-wide academic regulations, transference and validation of credits, and university-wide graduation requirements. Additionally, this committee monitors the implementation of these policies and regulations. Through subcommittees, the committee rules on individual cases involving falsification of records, grade changes, petitions for waiver of university-wide graduation requirements and special admissions.
Chair: Jason Wilby
Student Representative: Mikenzie Chessman

Athletic Council

The chief duties and functions of the Athletic Council are to formulate, maintain, and review general policies pertaining to intercollegiate athletics. The purpose of the council is to support the personal and academic welfare of the student athlete, protect institutional integrity, and ensure compliance with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and affiliated conference rules. In formulating policy, the Athletic Council shall (a) maintain a position in favor of high scholastic standards for intercollegiate athletics; (b) maintain a position in favor of high standards of institutional and personal integrity and ethical conduct for intercollegiate athletics, and (c) maintain the concept of the intercollegiate athlete as an amateur competitor, a bona fide student pursuing a degree program.
Chair: Ryan Swanson
Student Representatives: Adriana Gabaldon

Be Kind

The BeKind UNM initiative is dedicated to random acts of kindness. Annually, in February, the Division of Student Affairs spearheads the celebration of Random Acts of Kindness week on the UNM campus.
Chair: Dorene DiNaro
Student Representatives: Alicia Torres

Campus Development & Advisory Committee (CDAC)

Campus Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) advises the UNM administration on issues relating to the physical environment of the campus as they contribute to and affect the mission, goals and quality of life at the University. The CDAC serves as a forum for the communication and exchange of ideas and proposals regarding development on the campus and its impact on the campus community, the surrounding neighborhoods, and the City of Albuquerque.
Chair: Chris Vallejos
Student Representative: Silas Wyatt

Curricula Committee

The primary role of the Curricula Committee, in cooperation with the Senate Graduate Committee and the Undergraduate Committee, is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the quality of the curricula in the University of New Mexico (UNM), its branches, and its graduate centers.
Chair: Christine DeLucas
Student Representative: Roshun Kaur

Dining Advisory Committee

Chair: Amanda Gerard
Student Representative: Kareem Al Bayraqdar

Enrollment Management Committee

Chair: Dan Garcia
Student Representative: Daniela Millan

IT Academic Technology Advisory Board

The board will provide the IT Governance Council with recommendations on strategic direction, operational guidelines, policies, standards and project priorities that support the sound pedagogical application of academic technologies. Recommendations will include, but not be limited to, innovative classrooms and learning labs, robust Learning Management Systems (LMS), emerging media / collaboration tools, and effective online learning/distance education solutions. It will be the responsibility of the board to ensure that UNM maintains an awareness of new and breakthrough educational models supported by technology innovation, and crafts appropriate strategic responses.
Chair: Harris Smith
Student Representative: Jacqueline Martin

IT Use Committee (ITUC)

Information Technology Use Committee, in cooperation with UNM IT and other core technology providers, is advisory to the office of the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs on all matters relating to technology access. Through communication with the academic and administrative units, it represents the needs and concerns, particularly of the academic community, for computing resources and information technology needs. Its purview includes, but is not limited to, articulation of needs, advocacy of innovative and effective instructional technologies, active participation in planning, advice on IT budgets, recommendation for priorities and liaison with academic as well as administrative computer users.
Chair: Trenia Walker
Student Representatives: Krystah Pacheco

KUNM Radio Board

The Radio Board makes recommendations to station management on programming issues and other important station policies and practices. Because of the potential impact of major programming changes on the academic mission of the University and on the station's responsiveness to the community, station management consults with the board before making such changes.
Chair: TBA
Student Representatives: TBA

Library Board

The Radio Board makes recommendations to station management on programming issues and other important station policies and practices. Because of the potential impact of major programming changes on the academic mission of the University and on the station's responsiveness to the community, station management consults with the board before making such changes.
Chair: Kathy McKnight
Student Representatives: Silas Wyatt

Recreational Services

The Recreational Services Advisory Council (RSAC) exists to represent the recreational needs of the students, faculty and staff at the University of New Mexico. The primary function of RSAC is to advise the Recreational Services Department about programmatic issues and strategic direction within all facets of programming and facility management.
Chair: Jim Todd
Student Representative: Laysha Chaparro

Student Publications Board

Student Publications Board is the publisher of the student publications: Conceptions Southwest, Best Student Essays, and the New Mexico Daily Lobo. The Board is an advocate for the interests and well-being of the students who comprise the respective staffs and has ultimate responsibility for the financial integrity of the student publications. In addition, the Board has the authority to determine policy, to select the editors, to maintain the editorial freedom of these publications and to assure that these publications serve the students of the University of New Mexico.
Chair: Daven Quelle
ASUNM Senator: Silas Wyatt
Student Representative: Ian May
Student Representative: Aaron Martinez

Student Union Building (SUB) Board

The SUB Board is a joint committee of the Associated Students of the University of New Mexico (ASUNM), the Graduate Professional Student Association (GPSA), the University of New Mexico Faculty, Alumni Association, and Administration.  The primary function of the SUB Board is to help formulate policy for the operation of the New Mexico Student Union Building.
Chair: Cheryl Wallace Contact Katherine Myers
ASUNM President: Ian May
Student Representative: Mikenzie Chessman
Student Representative: Jackson Zinsmeyer
Student Representative: Erika MacSaveny

Teaching Enhancement Committee

The purpose of the Teaching Enhancement Committee (TEC) shall be to encourage and support quality teaching and its funding as the primary role of UNM, including all its established units. The TEC will in no way infringe upon the academic freedom of faculty members in searching for and imparting knowledge. The functions of the Committee shall include, but not be limited to: (1) initiating, formulating, and recommending policies regarding teaching resources, support staff members and faculty members; (2) recommending UNM policy regarding the granting of awards and stipends for outstanding teaching and scholarly achievements; (3) overseeing selection of all Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) awards; (4) awarding funds to be used as incentives to enhance teaching methods and curriculum development through the Teaching Allocations Subcommittee; (5) reviewing and recommending the use of research-based methods for teaching; (6) serving as an advisory committee to the CTL; (7) evaluating, formulating, and recommending policy concerning teaching support services provided by computer facilities, libraries, media services, and other support organizations; and (8) meeting formally with the Deans' Council and the Senate Operations Committee at least once each year to discuss current problems and exchange information concerning teaching; encouraging and supporting inclusive teaching to support its diverse student body.
Chair: Aeron Haynie
Student Representative: Roshun Kaur

Tuition & Fee Remodeling Committee

Chair: Dan Garcia
Student Representative: Ian May

Student Fee Review Board (SFRB)

The Student Fee Review Board (SFRB) is a student committee consisting of undergraduate and graduate students that meets every year to determine how over $12 million in student activity fees should be allocated to various organizations and resource centers on campus. Revenue generated by these fees is used to support a variety of student activities that enhance the academic and intellectual environment at UNM. Everything from Popejoy Hall to Athletics is currently funded through student fees, making the SFRB process a crucial component to the success of UNM.
Chair: Ian May
Vice Chair: Shaikh Ahmad
Undergraduate Member: Krystah Pacheco
Undergraduate Member: Andrew Schumann
Undergraduate Member: Veronica Montoya
Undergraduate Member: Dafne Yeverino
Undergraduate Member: Rafael Romero-Salas

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