Legislation Spring 2023

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Bills make amendments to the ASUNM Constitution and Lawbook. The version below will reflect the most recent edition of each bills.  For different versions, please contact asunmvp@unm.edu.

Bill 1S
Changes one (1) Outreach Hour per week to four (4) Outreach Hours every four weeks: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to Legal Council
Bill 2S
Establishes an Oath of Office for the Executive, Legislative, & Judicial Codes: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to Legal Council
Bill 3S
Changes the Process for Filling Senate Vacancies, Filling Vice-President Appointed Vacancies, & Time Restrictions for Accepting a Vacancy Position: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to Legal Council
Bill 4S
Changes the Sum of Retained Project Revenue to at Least Seven Percent (7%): Passed Full Senate, Submitted to Legal Council
Bill 5S
Changes the Executive & Legislative Code to Include Duties of the Vice President in the Legislative Branch & Changes the Succession of Office for the Executive Branch: Failed in S&R Committee
Bill 6S
Changes retired legislation period from three (3) years to five (5) years: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to Legal Council
Bill 7S
Changes the Executive & Legislative Code to Include Duties of the Vice President and Senators in the Legislative Branch & Changes the Succession of Office for the Executive Branch: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to Legal Council
Bill 8S
Adds Direct Examination to Judicial Procedure: Failed in S&R Committee
Bill 9S
Adds Abbreviated Names for Student Service Agencies: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to Legal Council
Bill 10S
Strikes Out Second Appropriation Request From the Finance Code and the Definition of "Organization". Changes Definition for "Chartered Student Organization", "Financially Inactive Student Organization", & "Newly Chartered Student Organization": Passed Full Senate, Submitted to Legal Council
Bill 11S
Alters the Definition of "Organization" in the ASUNM Consitution to Reflect a Better, More Accurate Definition: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to Legal Council
Bill 12S
Strengthens the Authority of Financial Control Section of the ASUNM Constitution by Adding a Restriction to Prohibit any Service Entity from Sprending in Excess of ASUNM Provided Fund Allocations: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to Legal Council
Bill 13S
Strikes Out the Process of Withholding Stipends from ASUNM Officers: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to Legal Council
Bill 14S
Establishes the Process on How Stipend Positions Should be Removed: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to Legal Council
Bill 15S
Adds the Office of Communications into the Executive Cabinet: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to Legal Council
Bill 16S
Adds the Director of Student Organization Relations, Director of Student Wellness, & Director of Enviromental Affairs into the Executive Cabinet: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to Legal Council
Bill 17S
Revamps the Election Code: Failed Full Senate
Bill 18S
Makes the President Pro-Tempore the Vice Chair of Joint Council: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to Legal Council
Bill 19S
Prohibits the ASUNM Government from Requesting Funding for Positions that are not Outlined in the Law Book: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to Legal Council
Bill 20S
Adds the President Pro-Tempore as a Member of the Budget Revision Team and Removes the ASUNM President: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to Legal Council
Bill 21S
Removes Various Positions from ASUNM Agencies: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to Legal Council
Bill 22S
A Constitutional Amendment to Combine the Presidential/Vice Presidential Election with the Spring Senate Election: Failed Full Senate
Bill 23S
Adds Direct Examination to Judicial Procedure: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to Legal Council
Bill 24S
Adds the Definitions of Promotional Item & Anti-Donation Law into the Definitions Code: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to Legal Council


Commendations are to recognize members of the UNM community on high awards and achievements from ASUNM. The version below will reflect the most recent edition of each commendation.  For different versions, please contact asunmvp@unm.edu.

Commendation 1S
Commends UNM for Supporting Open Educational Resources: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to Legal Council
Commendation 2S
Congradulates Andrew Schumann for Being a Recipient of the Harry S. Truman Scholarship: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to Legal Council


Condolences are expressions of sympathy from ASUNM.  The version below will reflect the most recent edition of each condolence.  For different versions, please contact asunmvp@unm.edu.


Resolution 1S
A Call on UNM to Provide Athletic Trainers for Club Sports Teams: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to Legal Council

Resolutions are the statements of opinion by the ASUNM Senate on behalf of the ASUNM Senate.   The version below will reflect the most recent edition of each resolution.  For different versions, please contact asunmvp@unm.edu.


Appropriations allocate funds for unexpected costs or one time expenditures to student organizations. The version below will reflect the most recent edition of each appropriation. For different versions, please contact asunmvp@unm.edu.

Appropriation 1S
American Nuclear Society: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 2S
Professional Sales Association: Passed Full Sneate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 3S
Pre-Dental Society: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 4S
Iranian Students' Association: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 5S
Men's Lacrosse: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 6S
Women's Rugby: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 7S
Men's Club Soccer: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 8S
Society of Women Engineers: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 9S
American Institute of Chemical Engineers: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 10S
Pakistani Student Association: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 11S
Men's Rugby: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 12S
Bangladeshi Student Association: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 13S
NeuropsychEd: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 14S
Deviate (DV8): Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 15S
Lobo Horn Club: Failed in Finance Committee
Appropriation 16S
ASUNM Student Court: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 17S
Bengal United Sports Club: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 18S
Juniper Reimagined: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 19S
Delta Sigma Pi: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 20S
UNM College Democrats: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 21S
SAGES: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 22S
Student Health and Leadership Council: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 23S
Powerful Movement of Educated Sistas: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 24S
American Society of Mechanical Engineering: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 25S
SLOPE: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 26S
ESports Club: Passed Committee, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 27S
Asian American Student Association: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 28S
SAP Ambassadors: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 29S
Pre Medical Society: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 30S
Albuquerque Composers' Collective: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 31S
BUGS: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 32S
Engineers Without Borders: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 33S
Agora Crisis Center: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 34S
WHY Lab Robotics: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 35S
True Colors: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 36S
IEEE: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 37S
ASCE: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 38S
HESO: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 39S
Geology & Enviromental Science Club: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 40S
NSA: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 41S
Something Major A Capella: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO 
Appropriation 42S
Lobo Horn Club: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 43S
Lobo Life: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO 
Appropriation 44S
Society of Physics Students: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 45S
Table Tennis: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 46S
Club Soccer: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 47S
M.E.Ch.A: Failed in Finance Committee 
Appropriation 48S
Hindu YUVA: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 49S
Lobo Spirit: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO 
Appropriation 50S
ASUNM Senate: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 47S
M.E.Ch.A: Resubmitted & Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 51S
JIM Club: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO 
Appropriation 52S
Women's Ultimate Frisbee: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 53S
Undergraduate Anthropology Society: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO 
Appropriation 54S
Society of Creative Anachronism: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 55S
Club Soccer: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 56S
Tau Beta Pi: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 57S
Muslim Student Association: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 58S
LoboTHON: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 59S
Chinese Language & Culture Club: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO
Appropriation 60S
ASUNM General Government: Passed Full Senate, Submitted to SGAO

  Spring 2023 Budget Requests:

Budget requests allocate funds for annual expenses. See below for proposed budgets. The Budget Bill is set to be voted on in Full Senate on March 8th, 2023. Email asunmvp@unm.edu and asunmfin@unm.edu with any questions regarding your budget.

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Spring 2023 Budget Bill



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